Running is 90% mental, the rest is physical
"At last, mental training software to improve my running performance!"

Using a mental training technique called brainwave entrainment, the Neuro Programmer gives you access to training tools normally only used by sports psychologists…

brainwave emissions

Admittedly, most of us are not professional athletes but if we are given the chance to explore those hidden depths (the 90%), we can often exceed expectations and deliver a better performance

As a beginner runner mental training can help with confidence and smooth the transition to regular running…

While experienced runners who already know the importance of mental strength, will find brainwave entrainment software an invaluable tool when faced with tough targets such as marathons or speed training

To begin mental training all you need is,

That’s it!

The beauty about this kind of mental training is that you spend most of your time with your eyes shut listening to relaxing, hypnotic sounds and affirmations, how easy is that?

Brainwave Entrainment Software

 What is brainwave entrainment and how does it work?

Billions of neurons (brain cells) communicate with each other using electrical impulses; together these create a brainwave pattern

Brainwave entrainment relates to the way the brainwave patterns respond to external rhythmic stimulation - for example, pulses of sound played through your headphones or light stimulation from your pc monitor (or both together)

neuron electrical activity

When the brain is presented with a fast, rhythmic pulse of sound or light which resembles the natural brainwave frequency, it responds by synchronizing its own activity to the same rhythm, known as the Frequency Following Response (FFR)

During a brainwave entrainment session, if you listen closely you can make out the pulses of sound and can hear that they change slowly. This slow change of speed allows your brainwave patterns to alter and match your desired state of mind.

Certain frequencies are better than others for mental training, while some frequencies offer alternative benefits

There are 4 dominant brainwaves:

 Wave    Frequency
 Mental State




 12hz - 38hz

Wide awake, alert mental state. This is generally the mental state most people are in during the day and most of their waking lives. Using self-programming techniques at this level is not very effective, since the mind is not receptive. However, stimulating Beta waves directly can have a huge impact on intelligence, attention, mood, emotional stability and energy

Sessions with 18-20hz provide a quick energy boost - reinvigorating and good for exercise fatigue as well as have a positive effect on motivation




 8hz - 12hz

Awake but deeply relaxed and not processing any information. The brain almost immediately starts producing lots of Alpha upon eyes closed relaxation. This is the mental state you are in early in the morning or while daydreaming. This state enhances the vividness of visualization techniques, and also makes the mind more receptive to suggestion

A combination of Alpha/Beta waves helps create a “zone” like state and helps build energy and self-motivation




 3hz - 8hz

Light sleep or extreme relaxation. Theta is also known as the hyper-suggestible state, where mental programming using recorded suggestions is most effective

Use Theta sessions to program your subconscious every night before a run. For example, using affirmations such as, “You easily go into the zone” or, “You are a master at sprinting




 0.2hz - 3hz

Deep, dreamless sleep. Delta is the slowest band of brainwaves. When your dominant brainwave is Delta, your body is healing itself. Under most circumstances, you do not dream in this state and are completely unconscious

In the Neuro Programmer session list there is a Delta program designed for healing sore muscles after vigorous exercise – Post-Workout Recovery it’s called, great after a long run!

How does brainwave entrainment help my running?

The brainwave entrainment software, combined with recorded suggestions, hypnotic scripts and visualisation technique, can be used effectively in the following ways:

  • to recreate “the zone” state runners experience, a state of relaxation and focus (Alpha/Beta state)
  • through mental training increase motivation using positive suggestions and visualization – great for beginners. For example, during a session, picture yourself running strong and relaxed during your run
  • Accelerated Growth / Healing Sessions (Delta):  stimulate the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), this promotes muscle growth and muscle recovery – HGH also has anti-aging properties and this type of brainwave stimulation is also good for increasing serotonin levels and testosterone, encouraging an assertive, optimistic and positive attitude
  • learn to relax properly using Alpha / Theta  sessions (reduce muscle tension): relaxed muscles are more responsive and less prone to injury
  • target weight loss or improve your diet by listening to recorded affirmations (Theta state)
  • on days when you don’t feel like going for your run (morning blues!)  the Energy / Motivation session is perfect for a quick boost (Beta)
  • Or, before an intensive workout use the Wake Up (Beta) session to get your engine going (great for intervals or tempo runs)
  • improve marathon training by making sure you are equiped with mental training sessions throughout your marathon program and have a session the night before (Alpha/Theta)
light-headed mental training!

"I have been using the advanced theta session with a script of suggestions. The results are like nothing I have felt before. It works for me. I don't need any "will power" to do what I *know* I should.  I just act out this script as if it has been my natural state all along. I am very pleased Adam! Thank you!

I got up this morning energized like I haven't been in a *long* while, knocking out several tasks that I have been putting off for weeks just because I had the time and energy."

- James Warren, California (James the frosty in the forums)

What else can the Neuro Programmer be used for?

As well as improving aspects of your running, the Neuro Programmer sessions cover a wide range of benefits and can help with:

Headache relief
Cognition - attention
Healing – well being
Meditation – relaxing
Mood enhancing
Sleep – insomnia
Studying – learning and focus

and more...

The relaxation sessions are fantastic after a stressed out day and if you have got the headphones on you can’t hear the kids screaming!


And then there’s Hemispheric Synchronisation

(say what?)

- This is a really funky by-product of using brainwave entrainment. When the left and right hemispheres of the brain are synchronised it makes you a more emotionally stable, happier more optimistic person. This synchronisation happens naturally when using brainwave entrainment, you don’t need to think about it – it just happens

This happy, balanced and optimistic mental state certainly won’t harm your running performance!

The below figures are snapshots of brain activity before and during a typical NP2 alpha session.
Before the session, the brain is incoherent and completely asymmetric, while after the session the
brain hemispheres have clearly become more synchronized.

Before a Neuro-Programmer session (audio only):


Done the entrainment, the mental training… and we bought the

As runners (and fun-loving gadget-geeks!), Julie and I couldn’t resist having a go with this software. I came across Neuro Programmer in 2007 and have used it regularly – and I value it as a powerful, mental training tool

Lately, I used regular Alpha/Beta sessions for 8 weeks during my half marathon training (March 2012); as far as results go it turned out to be a personal best and with the tremblings of a runners high near the end of the race (memorable run!)

As a beginner runner, for Julie it meant she got the motivation and confidence boost she needed to overcome her nagging doubts and get her started with running for the first time – this ended well with Julie completing her first Couch to 5K!

I have also used this mental training program for losing long-term weight ;-)

I've had years of experience of using this software – this isn’t some new-age hippy nonsense; it’s a validated, scientific process!

It works ;-)

"Great program ...Lately I've been using it to stimulate Hgh and also to wake up on those nights where I don't get enough sleep. Student of NLP, so it impressed me that you included that in there and I've got a buddy that is a certified hypnotherapist so I can't wait to try out the hypnosis side of the program. Very well built I've seen in my 6-7 years of playing around with brainwave stimulation and mind work. Top notch!"

- Sergeant Stephen Gilson, currently deployed in Iraq

mental training imagination
Transparent Corp

You're in… good company

We both found Transparent Corp very helpful (makers of Neuro Programmer) - on their website they have a community forum frequented by experienced users and expert support staff, so if you need advice there is always someone you can ask    :-)

Transparent Corp are a reputable, established company who live up to their promises of after sales support and care, they answer queries and emails quickly with helpful, friendly advice

Their products are based on nearly 60 years of accumulated brainwave entrainment research. They have scoured the scientific journals, consulted with experts in every applicable field and worked with engineers to develop the most effective possible products. All of their products include full documentation on research and methods

Neuro Programmer visualisation

“… in fact, all your sessions are extremely good. And what is equally important, the programme is eminently affordable and builds user trust. The trust factor is important because quoting HGH, DHEA and other factors, there are companies marketing CDs which are exorbitantly priced. The mind honestly cannot find a correlation between the price and the product and a sense of distrust creeps in. You have done very well to give users the all-round benefit of a very scientifically developed programme…”

Biswajit Mukerjee, India

Now it’s your turn to try mental training software…

Download your FREE trial of Neuro Programmer. You can:

  • Familiarize yourself with “the zone” state, or
  • Use wake up sessions to boost energy
  • Relax your muscles for improved body response, helping with injury prevention, or
  • Stimulate the release of the Human Growth Hormone to promote healing (also good for injury prevention)

Brainwave Entrainment Software

Using the Neuro Programmer software from Transparent Corp also means you benefit from their

“90 day no-quibble money back guarantee”

3 months gives you the chance to experience the software and see the results.  If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied you will receive a full refund

And here’s some even better news…

You can try before you buy, with a 14 day FREE trial

In just a minute you can have this software on your computer, no waiting for cd’s to arrive in the post and no paying for postage ;-)

Mental training & hypnosis

Brainwave Entrainment And Hypnosis Software

When you purchase NP3 you can choose from either:


Includes household license, 120+ Sessions, Built-In Affirmations, Hypnosis Scripts, Microphone & Text-To-Speech Recording tools, extensive ebook-style documentation and unlimited support from our experienced staff. Also includes access to the Member's Area (articles, studies, resources, downloads, file sharing and more).

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Price: $59.99 (Approx. £38)


Includes everything in the regular version, but also includes session editing / creation tools and session templates.

The Neuro-Programmer 3 Ultimate is the most powerful, flexible and innovative personal development application on the market today. Remember you can try before you buy!

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Price: $89.99 (Approx. £57)

Brainwave Entrainment Software

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As a special bonus, we have put together a list of recorded affirmations which you can use with the Neuro Programmer software. These are running-specific affirmations which you can import into the program, ready to use

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