Running For Beginners

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For most of us, running for beginners is quite a challenge… and if you are looking for the best way to get your running started or already running and want to make sure you are on the right track - then this page is for you…

Here you will find beginner running tips to help you to from novice runner to becoming a regular runner – we will talk about beginner training techniques, choosing running shoes and the benefits of barefoot running which has caused a storm recently and growing more popular

You will also find running tips on how to build a foundation for your running to develop, how to avoid common mistakes and set yourself up for the years ahead

After all, why should your running be a flash in the pan? :-)

Getting Started...

- Thinking about running for the first time?

- Think running is too hard?

Don’t worry, help is at hand…

Julie after a hard run!

Running for beginners is hard at first, yes - so be prepared for some puffing and panting, swearing and cursing, not to mention the aches and pains and running with that stitch..!

Sounds terrible I know, but…

- the good news is that running does get easier, if you stick at it…

After 3-4 weeks of regular running your fitness improves, muscles become stronger, you build in confidence, and then you reach that all-important stage when running becomes more effortless and you start to really enjoy yourself - (it’s true)

So many beginners lose spirit after a week or two and decide to pack it in, not realising their potential (which is a shame)

It takes practice and a bit of patience to get through the first weeks but once you break through these initial hurdles, you will wonder what all the fuss was about!

runners high

- Think of the benefits – stronger heart and better lung capacity, lower blood pressure, stronger bones and muscles (these are just a few) - and the weight loss of course, let’s not forget that ;-)

To top all that, you have the runners high brought about when running close to your limits, pushing that little bit harder when the blood is pumping and your breathing is harder – lighting up the pleasure pathways in the brain through the release of endorphins (oh yummy!)

Running For Beginners – The Training

OK... I’m ready,

- where do I start..?

If you are a new to running (not used to exercise?) then try our Couch to 5K Program or Couch to 10K.

These programs use the popular ‘walk-run method’ which combines intervals of walking with increasing intervals of running – this system is great for building stamina and confidence and is suitable for even the most devout couch potato!

To find a running for beginners program which is more challenging (not using the walk/ run method) try the 10K Training Plan for Beginners...

- The important thing now, is to find a target and begin training towards it - whatever the target may be. This is great for your running motivation.

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