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History Of Running - From Ancient Times To Present Day

From persistence hunting to recreational running, here we take a look at the history of running spanning through the ages.

Persistence Hunting – Is This The Reason Why We Run?

Here we look at the ancient practice of persistence hunting and why endurance running helped us to evolve. Maybe this is why we like marathons so much!?

Tarahumara - From Goat Farmers To Ultra Runners...

Brought to prominence by Christopher McDougall’s book Born To Run, the Tarahumara people continue to amaze us with their astonishing running ability.

Yoga For Runners – Or Is It?

Is yoga good for your running? Or are there disadvantages to doing yoga for runners? Here we explore the questions carefully. A must-read page!

Benefits Of Running – Healthy Reasons Why We Should Run

Want to know about the health benefits of running? Here we will look at the ones which have been researched, and then decide what to believe.

Knee Pain – General Information (Written by Jonathan Edge)

If you have knee pain (runner or not), you are not alone. Here we talk about what treatments you can use, when to see the doctor and how runners may be affected.

Running Cramps – The Debate Goes On...

You know that familiar feeling, a muscle twitch, then a   small spasm and WHAM, the running cramps again, and my   marathon is ruined. Sound familiar?

Stress Fracture From Running?

Think you might have a stress fracture? Not sure? Here we look at the symptoms and treatments for a fracture, as well as how to prevent them.

Running Tips HQ:

For more running articles be sure to visit Steve Magness' blog The Science of Running. An excellent resource and a trusted site filled with factual information you can trust. This guy really does his homework and uncovers the science behind running, such as running form, coaching etc. A great myth-buster! Click here.

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